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We Love Us.

You Should Too.

6 July 1984
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We are three of the four tenants occupying DC's finest co-ed brothel, located in the heart of our nation's capital. The creation of this blog is a sincere effort to preserve our [in]sanity and slow the inevitable WIZENing of our souls as we struggle to make it through another day in a cold 9 to 5 world of business suits, shrewd politics and adulthood.

Prone to reckless and whimsical fancies, loud bouts of drunkenness, quirky behavior and self-absorbed tendencies. We enjoy chanting our own names together to the Eye of the Tiger song before ever leaving the house... well, not true yet but should be. Musically inclined. Wine connoisseurs (odd years only). Philosophical geniuses. Sarcasm (or cats) not allowed in the house. You leave it at the door. With your drugs and alcohol. Sex occasionally permissable, but only if you let someone listen in with the Supersonic Ear. Bonus points and immediate friendship to anyone who enjoys Michael Jackson, the Robot dance or screeching of violins.
being awesome, jokes nobody else gets., laughing loudly, mice, our band, our coloring book, our documentary, our house, ourselves, passing judgement on others, reading, scary man voices, talking